Product Design: Boxed

As a college student and young person, my friends and I have found that it is hard to learn about wine; I have always wished for an affordable wine product with simple flavor explanations.

As a result of this, I came up with BOXED, a boxed wine company that helps beginning wine drinkers understand wine by describing the flavors in simple terms. As opposed to normal boxed wines, which contain 4 bottles per box, my product contains 2 bottles per box. This would allow a consumer to try out different flavors, sharing with friends and comparing types, exploring to find his or her favorite kind. Additionally, this would reduce the cost by half, pricing each box at around $12.

The color scheme combined with the logo and packaging design are meant to attract the beginning wine drinker (aged 21-30) who wants to feel sophisticated when drinking boxed wine. My hand illustrated pattern includes graphically represented mustaches, monocles, glasses, and lips to reflect elements relating to higher class wine connoisseurs in a fun and young manner.  Five color variations completed May 2015.